Welcome to Affiliate Market Success!

Welcome to Affiliate Market Success! 

You may have found us by our sister website AffiliateMarketSuccess.com and/or OnlineNetteWorks.com   Both are detailed Affiliate Marketing Websites giving information, news and TUTORIALS on affiliate marketing for the beginner and the experienced affiliate.

JC also operates Review sites on online marketing products.  Check out MoneyExpressReview.com for more information.

If you are looking for WordPress Products, Plugins, Websites and Plugins and/or Tutorials about WordPress see:    WPWebsitePlugins.com.

JC Hines is the owner/operator of the websites and has been online for over twenty (20) years.   She has over 10 years experience on Online Affiliate Marketing and has learned from some of the best marketing teachers on the Internet today along with her offline experience in Advertising and Marketing.

 JC is well educated and is a Retired Paralegal by Profession.  She is experienced in Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing in several different  Niches.  As an Online Professor she is here to assist you in learning the best way you can.  Whether it be a Home Based Business or Affiliate Marketing. 

articlethumbJC says there is plenty information on the internet to learn from but she wants her customers and students to feel comfortable at their own pace.  Each individual learns differently because you have young and old – experienced and non-experienced Internet Users.

JC only recommends products and programs she highly recommends for her guests, customers and students.   Look for JC’s upcoming webinar on Online Affiliate Marketing Today or signup to get our notices and limited newsletters.

Look what JC provides for you on her suggested Tutorial Websites to start off with your learning.  Take your time and take steps in learning.  You have plenty to learn.  JC says learning online internet marketing changes constantly so you will be learning constantly.  Find someone you trust to follow and they will guide you in the right direction.

First thing to learn is the Rules and Regulations of the FTC.  What the FTC Requires you to know about Privacy and Security Online.   You will be bound by these Rules and Regulations legally.  So Read and Learn.    Learn the Rules of the Road.    Then Take An Inventory of Yourself.question above head

JC urges you be realistic about expenses and what to expect out of your pocketbook. Know what to Expect in Expenses when you begin your quest for fortune on the Internet. Online Affiliate Marketing is not Free.  So if anybody tells you it’s free….. they are blatantly lying to you.

If you get through the above suggested tutorials then you will be ready to Pick a Niche for your online businesses and websites.   First Learn What a Niche means.  JC says a Niche is not a food product. Don’t get those mixed up. 

First and Foremost?  Prepare to Learn.typing on keyboard laptop

JC Hines and The AFF Staff

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